DC Raised Atlanta local, Corporate Lingo brings a bag of bangers with no BS on his new album Corporate Of The Year.  Though the album is short standing at 6 tracks, it accurately shows the many sides of Lingo. His style is very based and freestyle-esq. He never fails to seamlessly switch between lines and keep the song sounding smooth and the same can be said about his beats. Lingo’s organic voice is refreshing for autotune plagued ears. From sing-y vocals to minimal no melody beats, Lingo shows his versatility is endless. 2018 showed us that Lingo understands consistency and networking; dropping singles or projects all year kept our attention as he networked with countless blogs to promote himself. On top of the blog promotions with Elevator, CitrusRaps, and DailyChiefers, Lingo also received a BIG Awful Records co-sign.

2019 is promising for Lingo and as always we’re excited to see what’s next from him. Corporate of the Year is available on all platforms! Stream it on Soundcloud below!

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