With their first release dating back to “If Light Escapes“, April + VISTA is a DMV based duo consisting of April George and Matt VISTA, they’ve become quite a sensation in the local scene dropping two illustrious releases with “Note To Self” and “Lanterns”, opening up for GoldLink on his “At What Cost” tour and building a reputation for putting out magnetic, soulful R&B.

Releasing the highly touted follow up to “Note to Self” their new 8-track album “You Are Here” a shingle example of angelic vocals and dynamic dreamy production. Beautiful from start to finish the soundscape of this album is so smooth, Matt works his magic with a subtle beat that erupts into grandiosity on “Until“, an empowering laidback groove on Own2, and the heavenly, uplifting production on “How To Get By”.

April blessed us with some gorgeous vocals singing in an assertive and sincere voice it’s motivating, relatable and most of all impressive particularly on “Fo’sho” were she lays down one of the most uptempo performances singing about fake friends with devious intentions. Other standout tracks include “Own2” an electrifying record about resilience, and the refreshing “FOMO” but as previously stated this tape is beautifuk from start to finish. If you’re a lover of R&B or just GREAT music you owe this a listen, check out “You Are Here“. Enjoy the doppeness for yourself, share the music and tell a friend to tell a friend.

Stream “You Are Here” below 

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