Alarkinspace is a 21 year old producer/DJ from Connecticut. Alark makes some kick-ass chopped and screwed mixes, something which he began after being inspired by Mike G’s “Screwed Up Saturday” tapes at 17. Those tapes opened him up to a brand new world of music, where he discovered other DJs like Slim K, OG Ron C and, of course, the godfather of it all DJ Screw (Make sure to check out his discog on the site). Also taking influence from underground leaders Spaceghostpurrp and Lil Ugly Mane, Alark uses his music as an escape from the college atmosphere that he’s grown so tired of, hoping to find another way out. If you’re a fan of that Houston sound, this artist’s mixes are perfect to throw on and chill out to. He’d also like to throw up a big RIP to his friend, mentor and former DatPizz writer Chillin Gillin, who we lost certainly too soon.

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Sample Track
Freddie Dredd – Busy (Alark C&S)

Missing/Incomplete Tapes

Bold = “Essential”

Official Releases
[2015] Alarkinspace – #800080 (128)
[2016] Alarkinspace – Purple Parallels Vol. 1 Nedarb Nagrom (192)
[2016] Alarkinspace – Purple Parallels Vol. 2 Lil Peep (192)
[2016] Alarkinspace – G.B.C Screw Tape (192)
[2016] Alarkinspace – Passion Playas Screw Tape (192)
[2016] Alarkinspace – Purple Parallels Vol. 3 Slug Christ (192)
[2016] Alarkinspace – Welcome To Paradise EP (192)
[2017] Alarkinspace – Passion Playas Screw Tape Pt. II (192)
[2017] Alarkinspace – Soda Boi & 6 Dogs A Chopped & Screwed Mix (192)
[2017] Alarkinspace – kendrick. – TEXACO LP (Chopped & Screwed) (128)

[2016] Alarkinspace & Chillin Gillin – Chilled n Chopped I (v0)

[2017] Alarkinspace, Chillin Gillin, SuS PhiXioN & OBFUSCOUS – Chilled n Chopped II (v0)

Bootlegs / Singles

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