AJ Suede is a Hip-Hop artist from East Stroudsburg, PA currently living in Seattle, WA

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Sample Track
AJ Suede – Slit Your Wrist Vertically

Missing/Incomplete Releases

Download Links Removed Out of Respect to the Artist
Use This As a Reference As to What He Has Released
Downloads Can Be Found On His Bandcamp

Official Releases
[2012-02-15] AJ Suede – Gold and Water
[2014-09-07] AJ Suede – Gold And Fire (Deluxe Edition)
[2015-03-03] AJ Suede – Gold And Earth
[2015-04-07] AJ Suede – GiveMeUrWeedNdLeave
[2015-06-11] AJ Suede – IDontPlayLikeThat
[2015-07-06] AJ Suede – Forest Therapy
[2015-08-22] AJ Suede – Lefthanded Virgo
[2015-09-21] AJ Suede – Automatic Wavecap
[2015-10-21] AJ Suede – Holographic Wavecap
[2016-01-15] AJ Suede – Name Brand Water
[2016-05-27] AJ Suede – Dark Of The Covenant
[2016-08-02] AJ Suede – Def Row EP
[2016-09-05] AJ Suede – Melancholy Trill
[2016-11-04] AJ Suede – Grunge Lord Trilogy
[2016-12-24] AJ Suede – Mage Against The Machine

[2015-09-28] AJ Suede & Alalu – IDontTrustLikeThat
[2015-11-22] AJ Suede & Antonio – Moshpit Therapy
[2015-XX-XX] AJ Suede & That’s Creep – IDontCareLikeThat
[2016-03-15] AJ Suede & Iceberg Black – Black Suede EP
[2016-03-21] AJ Suede & Nedarb Nagrom – System of a Frown
[2017-03-27] AJ Suede & Supa Sortahuman – SUPASUEDE EP

Bootlegs / Singles

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