Today DatPizz has the pleasure to present to you a fresh interview (Our first since the 2016 interview with Blunt Prophet) with one of our favorite artists, Young Mane. Mane has been with us from nearly the beginning, appearing on our last compilation tape Existentialism Vol. 2 and always being by our side. Mane is a great guy who puts so much effort into his art, so we thought he deserved much more coverage. Check out this interview and let us know what you think about Mane and also let us know who else we should interview.

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Alright, who is Young Mane in your own words? Do you feel like your music is an accurate representation of you as a person?

Young Mane eats pussy and smokes big gas he’s slightly like a deity but he’s also like an orange. He’s some sort of Citrus God.
My music is 1000% from the heart and 30% from the kush.

How long have you been making music?

Well I used to make random songs on my moms karaoke machine when I was like 10 then I made songs as Taco Mane when I was 13 and a squeaker and then I started making songs as Chief Quev when I was 16 then became Young Mane later that year but didn’t drop any Young Mane shit till 2k15 it was a song called “Katana” I made on a free Big Los beat.

So you’ve been fuckin around with music for a while now, what inspired you to start dropping songs and get more serious with your craft?

When I became Young Mane is when I started being the most serious, I was influenced heavily by Yung Lean and Bladee and SHWB and shit, I always took it seriously but my music has gotten to its best year in like August cuz I have a new style I fuck with.

Just from scrolling through your SoundCloud, you have some pretty impressive names on your songs whether it be production or features. Who are your favorite producers/artists to work with?

trapphones my favorite producer to fuck with he’s got his own sound and I’m proud of the shit he’s been doing lately, I fuck with Slug Christ and Chxpo, they get features done fast and that’s good for my anxiety. I also fuck with fendiimane we got a song coming on my new tape with 2kthagoon.

Lets talk about this upcoming tape titled Spiderwebs. What can you tell us about it right now; who else can we expect to hear on it and when do you plan on dropping it?

Only features are them 2 (Slug Christ & Fendiimane), I got a song on there called Hate Scars (prod. 93feetofsmoke) it’s probably one of my most serious songs I made yet, its probably my best sounding tape yet, it drops Friday the 13th.

So I hear the word on the street is that you don’t “give a fuck”. Would you care to address these rumors once and for all?

I was a rowdy kid growing up and never really cared about the future then I got depression when I was 16 and became pretty nihilistic

Out of all the music you’ve dropped, name one song you feel deserves more attention than its received. Choose wisely, this is what we call *free promo*.

I think my new track with Slug Christ is pretty slept on

What can we expect from Young Mane closing out 2017 and what are you plans for 2018.

I kinda wanna drop my hardest tape ever and get it hella promoted and see where it takes me fr. If it takes me somewhere I’ll keep rapping in 2k18 but if not I’ll take a break from rap for a while and come back with a new style once I get better at production and shit cuz I really wanna self produce

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