For this installment of our interview series “A Pizz With…,” we sat down with Winnipeg born artist smrtdeath. With his unique blend of pop punk & hip hop, as well as his knack for sampling everything from Silverstein to Miley Cyrus, it is clear that smrtdeath is a unique personality that is here to stay. We engaged in some conversation. We talked music, drugs, aliens, and sadness. if you have any requests as to who DatPizz should interview next, feel free to contact us. As always, stay tuned to DatPizz for more, and enjoy the interview.

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How would you describe smrtdeath to someone who has never heard of him?

A solo punk band with sick 808s instead of a band.

When would you say you started doing music casually, versus when you started doing it as a means of income. Did you always make hip hop?

Nah I used to play instruments and stuff first, probably in the last 6 months or so I started getting some money.

Do you run with any specific crew or are you pretty solitary when it comes to the creative process?

I make most of my music by myself because I’m alone in my city, but I got my bros they’re all just spread out ya know?

You just mentioned that your bros being “spread out” , is there anyone you prefer to collaborate with over others, and how did you come to know Lil Aaron?

Anyone I’ve fucked with before I’m cool with and would fuck with again, Lil Lotus and Lil Aaron are gang as fuck though those are my dudes. I met Aaron only first then in LA, he’s the man. I ended up extending my stay the time I first met him and he let me crash, and so did Y2K shouts out.

It’s clear you, Lotus, & Aaron have great chemistry. Is there anyone else who you’d want to collaborate with? Who’s you dream collab?

Devon Welsh from Majical Cloudz, also I would like to collab with Tom from Blink 182 on a book about aliens. Also Young Thug.

Do you believe our planet has been visited by extraterrestrials?

Yeah fasho why not?

I’m sure it’s entirely possible. Also, all those artists you just mentioned are very much non-soundcloud artists. What are your thoughts on the culture surrounding soundcloud rap with all it’s memes, sub-genres & beefs?

I love soundcloud! I think it’s dumb when people try to use the term “soundcloud” as a diss. I think people use soundcloud rap as an umbrella term for a local scene that happened to pop off via soundcloud. They mostly mean like Florida and shit when they say that…….or maybe not who knows? Soundcloud is cool though there’s hella people doing cool shit on there. It’s just the easiest way to release music, no barrier of entry.

It seems to be only rap too, like no one is out here dissing “soundcloud R&B” or “soundcloud EDM”.

(Laughs) Yea I mean am I “soundcloud emo” or “soundcloud punk”? Everything gets lumped into rap now because it’s easier, which is sick it’s so funny.

Well you have mentioned before that your biggest influence is Blink 182, do you feel you have any hip hop influences or do you consider yourself, as you coined earlier, “soundcloud punk”?

Damn I love Blink. but yea I definitely think I got influences from both sides, i listen to hella rap and as a kid I did too. Also, low-key the N.E.R.D album hella influential to me, that’s like the first good rap rock album. Also, like Ja Rule was the first emo rapper, so fire.

I’ve cried to Ja Rule many a time, he just wanted to love Ashanti man.


On a serious note I’d like to switch gears and talk about drugs a little bit. Do you feel that they aid in your creative process? Do you like to write and record on a substance or do you prefer creating sober?

Uh, I don’t know I just love drugs (Laughs). I’m more likely to be sober when I’m working alone but I definitely turn up by myself too (Laughs), both have their ups and downs. I’m not like “yo I gotta have x, y and z or I can’t make music”.

Any drugs you wouldn’t try again?

Mushrooms. Also two steps back but what “soundcloud rap rock”?! To be honest I don’t wanna say “soundcloud” anything (Laughs).

Yea adding “soundcloud” before anything kind of devalues it, like there’s a distinction between regular music and…..the other kind (Laughs).

Yea it shouldn’t though! But also who cares people are gonna fuck with good shit regardless.

Agreed. Now I think we could both agree your music has a mostly sombre tone. Like, a lot of melancholy lyrics and beat choices. Do you think of music as some kind of outlet for negative emotion, or is it more just you playing a character?

No I definitely put my emotions into my music. If I’m feeling shitty I’ll make a song about it, but I’ve got some happy slappers too.

Does it ever feel like it’s not worth it?


Life, music career, etc?

Life all the time yeah, but I don’t know I like making music. I think anything you do, you sometimes feel like what’s the point of anything, cause like true.

Do you feel that way about your music sometimes?

Sometimes i feel like that Slug Christ song “I been feelin’ so uninspired lately”.

Slugger speaks from the heart no doubt.

I love me some slug.

On that note we shall be wrapping up the interview. Before we let you go though, do you have any info to share on the upcoming tape with Lil Aaron & Lil Lotus? Also what can we expect from smrtdeath in 2018.

The tape with Lotus & Aaron is coming soon as fuck. If you’re in LA come see me at “Emo Nite Day Fest” December 2nd! 2018 there’s gonna be hella more music, videos, smrtdeath tour, big merch, all that so keep your eyes on me!

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