For this installment of our interview series “A Pizz With…,” we had a quite long chat with New York based artist SheLovesBoon. Clocking in at nearly 2,000 words we spoke about a variety of topics including embarrassing old YouTube covers, his collective “7 Gang“, his upcoming album “Self Loathing Narcissist” and his trip to LA. Check it out below!

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For those who don’t already know, who is “SheLovesBoon”?

I’m an artist from queens, NY. Born and raised. Boon is just my nickname and shelovesboon was originally just an Instagram/Twitter/social media handle. It’s funny that being my artist name now because it almost built my persona in music without necessarily being intended. In a way I guess, to say it the least cocky of ways, it reflects on my lifestyle a lot. Not just in terms of women obviously but in a lot of other ways as well. It really became an artist name that was just to be catchy but now somehow embodies a lot of things about me, my life, my music. To sum it at all up though, shelovesboon is really a project of mine to show people what my life is like. I can’t really credit it to just myself because this wouldn’t be anything without my artist friends, engineers, and everyone else on the creative side.

How did you get into making music originally? When did you start?

Well i started when I was really young. Growing up my first instrument I picked up was guitar when I was 7. I was playing guitar for about 6 years and then just stopped cold turkey. I can still play a little bit now but I never really was as passionate about it. I think at that age I was really enamored with songwriting. Instrumentation and production was cool to me too but when I listened to music I always thought about how lyrics impacted me. My first songs were covers of already popular rap songs. To be real looking back now they were trash but this was also back when I was 13 years old. At that age I began writing but it was all really just practice and to show myself I could do it. If we’re talking about when I first started putting things out that would be around the summer of 2016. My best friend, frequent collaborator Jugo had a mic and an interface and that’s what first began my recording process. We were both working on our debut projects at the time so to give him his own space to work on his I started going to Wave Remedy Studios, a local studio in Queens. Working with them, we engineered and created “alprazolove” which was my first real mixtape. It was dope to have that first project be a really clean finished product in the sense that it was engineered professionally. If you look on my SoundCloud now though a lot of the songs that I’ve released are down just because I felt like the growth within the last two years has been great so I got rid of the pieces I wasn’t a huge fan of. They’re still available though on other streams and of course on the DatPizz discography.

Do you still have any of the covers you did?

Honestly they might still be discoverable somewhere on YouTube but I doubt I’d even be able to find them. They were like Jay Z cover songs or someone hella mainstream like that, I’m sure there’s 100s of those up so hopefully no one finds my young ass attempts.

Back in February you released the track “New Wrist” with Young Based Josh. I feel like that is your most solid and accessible track. Can you tell us a little about the process you went through while creating it with YBJ?

It’s crazy that you think that because that track was a creative venture by my whole collective man. We go by 7 gang and that song has bits of all our work. Laptopboyboy produced the beat but my boy bill$Clinton did so many things with the engineering of the beat and the vocals, with the cuts and engineering of our voices. My boy Jugo also did the vocal mixing that made up the intro which still astounds me with how crazy it sounds. But on working with YBJ, that’s my fucking guy. We’ve actually made a bunch of songs together that just never seen the light. Working with him is a vibe though. When it comes to songs I always like to sit on something and really plan it out. With YBJ we get sauced and start freestyling and out of nowhere that hit was made. People were waiting for a shelovesboon x ybj track for a long time and I think we met there expectations with the chemistry we have on that hit.

Can we expect an ep/album from 7 gang anytime soon?

There’s a lot of 7 gang material coming out soon honestly. We’re always in the lab together so we’re always making music together. Determining when things come out really depends on what we feel the hits are. I would like to say that you will definitely hear a 7 gang project one day, but at the end of the day we’re all focused on our own careers and paths as well. If you check out the seven gang page on SoundCloud you can see little singles that we put out just to give our following a little taste. But hopefully a 7 gang tape does drop we really just have to see where things go. I can guarantee there is gonna be hella 7 gang material out though. Those are my favorite people to work with so even if there’s no collective mixtape, there will be collabs involving us coming out.

What about a solo project, do you currently have any plans to make a follow-up to your first mixtape or are you sticking to singles for the time being?

I’m working on my first album right now called “self loathing narcissist.” Id say it’s almost halfway done but I’m still in the process of picking and choosing the songs to go on it and the beats I’m using. I do have Bailey on the cover art which you already know is gonna be flames. My most well known songs are the recent ones especially “and I’m gone” which popped really well. I think people are gonna be interested in this album. It’s gonna be different but still have that vibe people know me for. I’m hoping to just show off versatility on this album as well as really showcase the story and meaning behind the album. On the lead up to the album though I might drop a single or two to give people a little taste.

Can you talk a little about some of the producers and features you’ll have on the album?

Currently the songs I know are making the cut are co-produced by me and one of my sound engineers. I made the roots and the basic melodies and he fleshed them out to be full on masterpieces in my opinion. Outside producers I want to use beats from are definitely bill$clinton and I’m considering looking at some other popping producers. I’ve been fucking with beats from bighead gnealz and some other names but the people I do collaborate with on this album in terms of production and features I’m gonna hold off on saying not only to surprise my listeners but also cause I’m currently deciding on all them as well. As far as features, I’m going to keep them very limited. Currently I know fuckjugo, Hadji gaviota, and ivy sole are features I’m most likely going to have. Saying that, this album might just end up being a solo album. This album is super personal to me and my life so I could see it going in that direction too.

You mentioned being in LA a couple weeks ago. With LA being considered by most the place to be if you’re an artist in 2018 how does it compare to New York? Do you prefer LA or NY?

LA is good vibes. The culture is dope and everyone wants to work. Everyone wants to link and get music together and the DIY shows/warehouse shows are unreal. It is a creativity hub; models, producers, musical artists, managers, etc. But I have that here in NYC. No shots at LA, the weather is blessed, but I’m tryna put on for my city. I’ve done countless shows in NYC with my gang where turnouts just keep going crazy and crazier. I’ve been booked in other cities due to what I’ve been able to do in NYC. I want to put on for my city it’s NYC till I die forreal.

Every place got the ups and downs, so yeah there are differences in artist cultures in LA and NYC. Everyone in LA wanna work together and NYC always in competition. We tryna grind harder than everyone else in the scene and I’m def tryna grind harder than anyone in the NYC scene. It’s healthy competition, we pushing each other to be better. I think NYC cats tryna show that even if LA is the place to be, NYC is where the best are.

One day might just have to move to LA if business opportunities arise like that, but It’s NYC till I die. (laughs)

I feel the same about Chicago, I’d only make the move to LA if there was consistent bags involved. I feel like LA is oversaturated at this point and instead of everyone moving to LA they should build what LA has in their own cities.

Yeah I mean the industry plugs are dope and all and everyone is out there right now. But I want everyone out here in NYC to be have that scene and I see what you’re fucking with in Chicago. I’ve been starting to book shows at a venue here in Brooklyn and want to do something for the different music scenes that are out here. No reason to go to the x on the map when you can you just make your own.

Do you have any specific goals you’re hoping to accomplish before the end of 2018?

Im a fan of seeing how things going naturally. One goal I’ll always have is to just blow up off this. Not necessarily become mainstream, become the most famous artist, but blow in the sense that I have a following of people and supporters rallying behind it because they love the music or relate to it. Before 2018 this project of mine has to drop and I’m thinking it will be around May/June. That’s my biggest concern right now; to drop this project because it’s gonna be my most personal yet polished work. In my eyes least. Besides that I’m always focused on shows so I’m sure 2018 is gonna have a bunch coming up. I have one in Brooklyn in about two weeks. And for the rest of things I wanna accomplish I’m just going to see where all that I have planned for right now takes me and which doors they open up.

I feel like this is a good natural ending point, is there anything else you’d like to say before we wrap this up? Any shoutouts?

I just want to shoutout everyone that’s been on this wild ride these last two years. I wanna shoutout my 7s, my man turbo who’s been organizing so many shows, my home girl nells of my photography team. and then all the people from nyc thats been fuckin with me since day one and the ones fucking with me now. Ethan tawnee Lindsay and micky who are some of my die hard fans out in Oregon who’ve always shown me love. I wanna shoutout everyone supporting me cause thats honestly what keeps me going. And ofc shoutout datpizz.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

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