For the latest update from our interview series “A Pizz With…” we bring you an alternative artist from Dallas that goes by the name of Scum and has made countless tracks on SoundCloud that revolve around inner demons & sadness. He has worked with countless talented artists like fats’e and Shinigami which he talks about in the interview. So without further ado let’s get into the interview. Don’t be afraid to let us know which artist you would like to see next on DatPizz!

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Before we start this, there’s something important to ask you – how is your doggo doing?

My dogs are happy and hyper. I have two named frank and Lydia (:

Scum. Scumby. How come? Why choose this name?

I honestly couldn’t think of a name and was on some corny “i’m not shit and worthless” so that’s what scum is lol

How old are you?

I just turned 24 this month.

What’s it like living in Dallas?

Dallas is alright i love my friends and family here but the music scene is great for like big acts but not really for the “SoundCloud scene”.

Any local artists you like?

Uhm, my best friend lil lotus, dontlovejacob, fats’e (when he stayed here), keeper, lil skil (not in dallas but tx)

How was school?

I always hated school and like I wasn’t bullied or anything but didn’t really care for anyone there other than a few friends

How would you describe your music?

My music is like a constant battle with myself and how my head is. Lots of my songs are just me talking to myself.

Favorite tracks made by Scum himself?

My favorite songs i have made are no heart, hurt pt 2, too fast and no one really cares (best songs are unreleased).

Favorite producer you’ve ever worked with?

My all time fave producers are 93feetofsmoke, fats’e, notmorgn, branwen, reaper and lots of new ones but those are the homies.

Who do you vibe with on a track the most?

I love making songs with my friends like fm, fats’e, lotus, ggravee and 93.

Do you have a dream feature?

Anthony green (circa survive vocalist) he is one of my biggest inspirations and on SoundCloud fifty grand or osno1 – both so incredible to me.

There’s some spanish going on in “Without You”. What’s that all about?

We both know some spanish and I think i know more cause I am Salvadorian and had to take ESL as a kid.

What’s it like working with Shinigami?

Shinigami is awesome and definitely one of the most genuine and talented people I know.

Which artists except the obvious Deftones (which you have a cover song of) have influenced you?

Circa survive, now now, bjork, Imogen heap, title fight, grimes and grouper.

Where do you see yourself music-wise in 2 years?

Hopefully touring with friends and kissing dogs on the forehead like the pope.

Favorite movies?

Oh shit that’s hard aghhh I’m gonna sound like a basic bitch but eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, donnie darko, a place beyond the pines, her, requiem for a dream and mother (so many more but you put me on the spot) 😪

Do you have any other interests we should know about?

I love the sky so much it’s pretty, i love anything that’s pastel pink or baby blue, sushi, smash bros and walking.

How do you deal with lack of sleep? I see that it’s a repetitive topic in your songs.

Haven’t solved my sleeping problem i would just say do something productive instead of just staring at a wall

Any advice to all the youngins out there trying to get into music?


What are your plans for tonight?

Probably cry and cuddle with my dog

Anything you’d like to tell the readers real quick? Shoutouts, new track plugs?

Shout out to bob newby, new tracks with all my friends soon, pull up on me December 1st to 6th in LA, drink water and tell people you care about that you love them.

Oh and let all the cute shawties know i just wanna pet dogs, watch movies, drink water and be choked 😔🤘🏼✨