For this installment of our interview series “A Pizz With…,” we had the pleasure of chatting with DC based artist hellfiger. If there’s one thing hellfiger embodies it is passion and love for his craft, and this interview, filled to the brim with pearls of wisdom, captures this perfectly.

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So, for those who don’t know, who, or what, is Hellfiger?

hellfiger is a lost emotional individual stuck in a purgatory state just trying to get his thoughts out.

That would make a lot of sense since your aesthetic and lyrics overall are very dark, where did these feelings come from? Do you always see the world as you portray in your lyrics?

These feelings really just come from my self doubt and hate as well as my depression. I’m just constantly let down and hurt. This is just me getting my anguish and frustration out. I would also say I do portray the world the same as I do in my lyrics, the world is just overall superficial, prejudice, and fucked.

Many including myself would agree with you on that man. Do you tend to take inspiration from any particular artists when it comes to the type of production and dark, angry lyricism you take on?

spaceghostpurrp, yung lean, and ecco2k definitely are my biggest influences when it come to my music style. There maybe one or two missing but those are the top people for sure! Lil Uzi Vert is probaby one of my favorite artists of all time though.

I think to an extent spaceghostpurrp is an influence of EVERYONE in this current scene of dark, underground evil hip hop!

Definitely, he’s one of the originators of this current scene no doubt.

So him and a few others clearly made you want to start making music. Around what time did you start taking it seriously? You said you deal with lots of self doubt, how did you move past that and start uploading music for the public to hear?

I would say a year and a half ago, maybe less I started to take it seriously. Before I was just fuckin’ around, doing whatever with it. I haven’t really overcome this self doubt and depression. Music helps me cope and channel it correctly. I’m already a total mess I would be even worse without it. It keeps me sane for the time being. So I just kinda say fuck it. Post that jaunt and see what people think about it.

So really music is a kind of therapy?

Yes I would say so.

So when you’re recording, what is the process like for you? Do you prefer to write? Go into it blind? How do you channel the anger and sadness into art?

It’s honestly however I’m feeling at the moment. Sometimes I’m just like ok fuck it imma just do it. But I do write pretty frequently and just have stuff ready to go on the side. Everything I do is planned but I mostly execute things at the last second. Whatever comes out comes out kinda deal. I’m all about trying to bring that mood to life.

Like you’d prefer to have a more “whatever happens, happens” kind of outlook?

Yes because this way conveys my current mood and mind state the best than any other way. Everything is very in the moment with little pieces of recently premeditated ideas I’ve been dwelling on obsessively.

More authentic I guess that way, makes sense. So you’re apart of the No Lives Matter. A collective with artists many DatPizz readers are probably familiar with such as xandy & lil 6, the co-founder of datpizz. How did you link up with all these dudes and how do you think you all compliment each other?

No lives matter was once a collective but recently kinda broke up into a smaller group kinda rebranding moving on to something better so to say. It started by my dude moe spellz adding me to this group chat in the summer. They had a discord and kinda met everyone that was in who was lil sixteen, xandy, FendiiMane, Lil sf, spellz joined as well, yung Eskimo, and yung Taurus. Maybe a few others, 9C fucked with us back in the day. But we compliment each other because we just don’t give a fuck and fuck around and like to troll and shit like that. We all are pretty much into the same shit artist wise I would say.

Is there any further plans as far as that rebranding goes?

Yeah, after we find a name we all like we have a group mixtape ready to drop and YouTube channel will be dropping soon for it as well. It’s more doing less just coolin’ and doing nothing!

You guys seem to be on the right track with this, highly ambitious. Now I’m a weird guy so I like to ask this to every artist I interview, what is your favorite drug? Do you like to write/record high?

I do smoke a lil’ but I wouldn’t really say it’s my favorite. It’s whatever to be honest, and I don’t really fuck wit’ anything else. And I’ve tried that before it’s hard as fuck for me because I’m just geekin’ so hard.

I’m the same way (laughs). I think it’s about time we wrap up this interview though Hellfiger, you were a fascinating guy to talk to. So you mentioned you and your clique rebranding soon, is there anything else ya fans should be on the look out for?

Thank you I appreciate that and yes a lot more random songs dropping and a new ep coming out in a few weeks plus. Videos soon. Just mad shit dropping very soon. I also wanna shoutout my collective and everyone I work with, I couldn’t be doing what I’d do right now without ’em. Thank you.

Edited by: Colin Patrick

Other Words by: 5kirr