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Why don’t you start off by introducing yourself. What is the need to know info on: Who is emotionull?

My name is emotionull. I usually go by null. I smoke heavy Kush. A lot of doinks, I play video games. I’ve been making music for about a year and a half now. I started making music just fucking around with my friends, It was in a Lil B style of rap, I’d rap about Luigi and Yoshi and hitting internet licks, If you’re cool you know what we bout if you a real one. I got real after a bit because I had shit I had to get off my chest so in a sense I started really making music as a diary. A group of friends and I formed a collective called AntiDBois, from there i got way more serious with the music stuff, I gotta thank them for a lot of what I’ve learned over the time. shout out all my boys in AntiDBois I love y’all I was making all sorts of styles for a bit just releasing singles but I’ve sort of found my wave I guess you can say now.

You mentioned your music collective AntiDBois, can you go into a bit more detail on how that all came together?

I know for sure first started saying it he had a song named after it and we ended up all being in a Twitter group DM. I think it was because I needed help with music so , (old member, still love you) and started a group DM. We’ve all been helping each other for over a year. There were people in it before but they left. Big shout outs to and

How has being involved in AntiDBois helped you find your sound? I know you have a quite a few songs featuring ADB members production and or features – what aspects of your collective styles allows for cohesiveness of collaboration?

They just motivated me to try new things and do my own shit at the same time. Gave me advice when I needed it but gave me support as well. A major thing I noticed is when or make a beat SPECIFICALLY for me it always comes out flame as hell. We just really vibe well together. They are basically family to me now. I am meeting soon. We all over the place. We are all kinda learning and shyinin together.

You mentioned earlier your change in style, which seemed to be very gradual over time. when did you decide to delve into more meaningful, personal topics in your lyrics and how was such a drastic change in style originally received?

I was going through a pretty depressive state, I was just working, playing video games and not like talking to anyone really. I’ve always had issues with expressing myself, I’ve tried a lot of things, I didn’t have really any musical experience before hand. Music just seemed like a really fun and creative way to express myself/have fun. People didn’t take my music serious at all until recently. I don’t blame them. I was making meme rap before, then I quickly changed to emotional music.

It’s pretty obvious to the listener that your music comes from a place of great pain/depression. How do you manage to turn the hardships of life into musical inspiration? Are there any specific events in your past that you think to when trying to channel your emotion into music?

I look at as a healing process in a way. I learn and examine my hardships to later become stronger in life, and prove to others if I can make it they can too. There’s nothing specific, I haven’t had the best childhood, with that being poverty, constantly moving, being homeless, shitty boyfriends/husbands from my mother, drugs, heartbreak, all while not being able to express myself correctly, I’ve always held all this shit in and if I did any longer I don’t know how well I’d be doing right now.

Your range of influences is very evident in your sound. What artists do you draw inspiration from, be it hip hop or any other genres?

I listen to a lot of music nowadays, I mainly grew up listening to 2000 alternative, some rock, and punk, my mother use to take me to Warped Tour every year because she knew T.S.O.L., Papa Roach and a few other artist, we used to go back stage and watch from the sides. That’s one fond memory of my childhood. With hip-hop, I started listening to underground artist around 2013, I don’t remember which artist was the first but it consisted of Robb Bank$, Bones, Xaiver Wulf, Black Kray and Yung Lean, then I learned about GothBoiClique and I’ve expanded my taste so much that I have to look at my likes on SoundCloud to remember artists. You can listen to all the music I listen to on my SoundCloud just go to my likes. I was listening to a lot of Slug Christ, Wicca Phase, Horse Head, and Lil B when I started making music, so they are big inspirations.

Your most recent project Punk Boy, Lover Boy just dropped earlier this month. Describe the process of creating it: how did you select the beats, how long did it take you to record, how was it engineered.. etc.

I had quiet a few beats kinda stored in my locker room from a few producers that i have been wanting to work with. I actually had around 15 songs near the end of the tape process but cut it down to 8. Theres a few tracks I really wanted to get on the tape but didn’t have time or they didn’t fit with the rest of the tape vibe wise. I knew I wanted a punk sort of influence, I was listening to a lot of folk punk, the song I’m So Punk produced by Horse Head was actually influenced by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains, it was about my brother It really depends on my mood and the beat on how long it takes me to record sometimes it can be in like 10 minutes and sometimes a few days, I really am still self conscious about my voice so I do a lot of takes.
The way I engineered was probably not the most traditional way, I will admit the tape could be ten times better with proper mixing but I mix everything on my own and am still learning. I mixed this tape in a sort of raw, non compressed style, I wanted it to sort of resemble folk punk.

If you have 7 songs that you had to cut from the tape, not to mention other unreleased work, can we expect another drop from emotionull before the end of the year?

Most likely, I have a few collabs probably coming soon. I’m also producing my own beats right now. I was working on one last night with a Red Hot Chili Peppers sample.

Outside of AntiDBois members, who are your favorite artists to work with?

It’s not many because everyone I try to work with falls through. Big shouts out to , we only have one song together but we got way more shit coming soon. Also shout out to and Another shout out to for connecting me with other underground artists and slug_christ hit my line I’m tryna collab.

Can you tell us about the art direction for your tape? What was your creative process and how did the concepts for the cover art come about?

With Punk Boy Lover Boy I had create the cover for it. I asked him to take inspiration from nofx and Playboy Manbaby covers and I think he did an amazing job. Definitely added towards the tape.

Why haven’t you dropped a song about Kratom yet? I feel like SoundCloud is missing that.

I don’t wanna put off the incorrect view of Kratom. I use it for pain and insomnia. Not to get high. I’ve thought about it though. I have really old bars somewhere about Kratom. While we’re on that subject I also wanna say fuck Lean and fuck Xanax, we ain’t on that wave.

How many girlfriends total have you made off your Twitter selfies?


What’s going on lately with AntiDBois? Any chance we get another collective tape in the near future?

Most definitely. We’ve all been pretty focused on personal tapes. We’ll all work on personal shit than dedicate time to AntiDBois exclusive shit. We plan on releasing more singles off it as well and being more active via the twitter, we’re all just too busy being addicted to our own Twitters. No set dates at the moment though.

Before we end this tell us a little about Grimhood and DoomDaisy

Grim is my brother for those who don’t know, funny story is we used to like hate each other but later on we both used to go to a park everyday and get fucked up, I use to hide from him because I didn’t want him to know until we ended up smoking under a underpass with all the people who went out to the park. Shout out those park kids we were grimy as hell living that real punk lifestyle stealing forty’s and smoking weed all day. Grim and I have been through hell and back, we have both gotten clean from hard shit, Daisy was there the whole time through that and helped us more than imaginable and I cant explain how thankful I am for both of them. I wouldn’t be who I am or probably alive without them. I love them to death. They also smoke big Kush, if you combine Grim, null, and Daisy the whole house will be smoked out, don’t ever try to out smoke us.

What does 2018 have in store for null

Big things for emotionull. I hope to be doing merch soon, possibly with someone as a collab, more news on that later, I’ve producing my own beats now, I actually just produced/recorded to a song, so that song is my first ever song that I’ve produced the beat for and recorded vocals on. Fully made by me. I May release it before I leave to Vegas on the 29th. Might fuck around and release singles/collabs for the rest of the year while i work on my next tape which will hopefully mainly be self produced, we’ll see.\

I think this would be a good point to start wrapping this interview up, is there anything you want to say/add or anyone you to shout out?

I wanna say a big shout out to everyone that has truly supported me from the beginning. I see you all. I love every single one of you. A Big shout out to & for being the best brother and sister ever (I call Doom Daisy my sister she’s my brothers fiancé). I love you both. Of course a shout out to  those guys have literally helped me from the beginning of this music shit. We’re all going to reach big places together.

I hope everyone knows the daily rules to live by, smoke Kush, Also smoke big Kush and never smoke Swishers and enjo-.

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