Sitting down today with us for the latest installment of the “A Pizz With…” series here on DatPizz, where we showcase our favorite artists, graphic designers, producers and many more, is Cartoon Ben. The DXD Allstar’ rapper and producer speaks with us on subjects like meeting his fellow DXD members, his many inspirations, shaping Ben into the very rapper he is today and also what he has in store for the future. Keep reading on to hear more on the life Cartoon Ben.

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Before we start, for those who don’t know, who is cartoon ben and what does he represent?

cartoon ben is a 17 year old producer and rapper from toronto, and he is a part of dxd and just represents all the cute lover boys on the internet

On the topic of the DXD collective, how did you come about meeting your fellow members and how did you end up becoming a member yourself?

so last july i bought a repost from lil hawk boy, and from there i started sending him beats. he fucked with them so we started working. from there he linked me up with young mess, yung griffin, and yung sherrf and we all just started working. then we decided to start a collective and just added more and more people in

In regards to first making music, what triggered the thought to start and what has inspired you to continue creating up to this point?

at first it was mac miller who inspired me to start rapping. but then i found it hard to get beats, and i didn’t want to use any from youtube so i started making my own. mf doom really inspired the self produced rapper cartoon ben.
and my peers really continue inspiring, its really cool when someone levels up and gets a dream placement, or a song does good numbers. makes me want to work harder

How did MF Doom inspire your production?

just how he was able to craft his own sound and turn any sample into an interesting beat. also how he didn’t have to rely on any producers to make the beats for him so he was really able to handcraft his own sound

As an artist what is your proudest moment so far?

definitely producing for gothboiclique (coldhart and jpdreamthug) theyre one of my favourite groups and have inspired my music a lot so to have a part in their music was really amazing

Some could say your sound is some what influenced by Yung Lean, would you agree with this?

i would agree for sure. i wouldn’t say he had a direct influence on my sound but definitely his don’t give a fuck attitude really inspires me. like hurt and ginseng strip were so different when they first dropped and he embraced that and turned it into his niche. i’m tryna do the same thing

Is being different something you feel needs to be done or is it more of a personal want?

i think it needs to be done. there’s so many people tryna make it rn and if u don’t find a way to stand out your just another name and profile picture on the internet that people will pass by each day

When did you start producing and what made you want to start producing?

started producing September 2016, and it was because of mf doom
also i wanted to rap on my own beats

You recently dropped an EP with Roland, can you tell us a little about the creative process behind that project?

we had 10+ songs done for the project, but we wanted to keep it as cohesive as possible so we ended up cutting a lot and narrowing it down to 5 songs

How’d you guys go about getting the Bobby Johnson beat?

he sent roland a beat pack a few weeks ago. he just fucked with him i guess

Should we expect visuals for any of the tracks on the EP?

not going to confirm anything but it’s def been talked about and we’re hoping to get something out

What is your main goal musically and business-wise?

i just want be as influential as possible and have a huge impact on the scene and peoples lives

A couple short questions related to producing, what is your preferred DAW?

ableton live 10, but ive been messing around with fl 20

Favorite VST?

either electra or serum

How do you approach making beats vs. making songs? Is it a similar creative process or does it come to you differently? Can we expect any self produced Cartoon Ben music in the future?

umm i think songs come to me more naturally, like i don’t have to put a lot of thought as opposed to beats where i have to think a lot more. so yea i guess it does come to me differently. like i can hear a beat once and have the hook written already but i can’t hear a sound and have a whole melody thought out. it takes more time. and yes hopefully some more self produced cartoon ben in the future. hoping to drop a fully self produced ep sometime near the end of the year / early 2019

Is there anything else planned that we can expect from you?

yup, we’ll the dxd compilation is dropping october 1st, and i’m going to be continuing consistently dropping singles for now. hopefully a cartoon ben ep early 2019, and a full length later that year!!

Before we wrap this up is there anything you want to add? Any shout-outs?

shoutout my mom, dxd, background boys, my girlfriend, lil b, yung lean, gothboiclique, alexander graham bell
and DatPizz

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