This interview with underground legend Black Kray was originally done in May of 2014 by one of our good friends, emotionull. It never ended up seeing the light of day so we decided we’d go ahead and drop it. Enjoy.

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What age did you start doing music and what made you want to start music? Was it just a fun thing to do at the time or did you work hard for what you have today? did you expect to be where you are today?

I started makin music like in 2009 , it came from me just fuckin round with mah cousin we used too always freestyle on the school bus back in like 2006 bout hella dumb random shit and like randomly in 2009 i just started laying it down over beats. It was fun then and it still is fun , I guess worked hard in the long run when i look back on everything , but in actuality i don’t ask or think to my self did i work hard or not , I sort of expected my self to be where im at and kinda not , its like 50/50 cause i never really took this shit serious i was just doing it.

I’ve heard you listened to Emo music, what Emo bands do you listen to and do they influence you in your work?

I listen too crim3s , salem , crystal castles , party trash, gvcci hvcci(fuck dat bitch) , Blvck ceiling , its anotha band too i always forget there names , but I dont kno if u wanna consider them emo or not lol who knows

What makes you enjoy flip phones and do you plan on getting sponsored by any phone company’s?

Ion really enjoy dem , I Lowkey dont like having one , I got it cause i had too get it so i just rep that shit hard too make the best out of it , plus everybody team iphone n shit . If this booste mobile sponsor ship dont fall through by 2017 , Im start my own company Twerkrizon Mobile.

What are some up coming mix-tapes you plan on releasing? Or any singles? If so any info on them?

I got some shit droppin with lucakleannn positive thuggin tape , got some in the works with Dennis Roddman n Rkelly some lil Guddah R&B , that shit goin too be fade away with the eyes close hittin 3s while smokin mid , shits finna go up ,also some exclusives with the Persian cellphone prince and the homie cold hart.

I understand people can view your work and contact you on twitter at @ICEDOUTUZI Do you have any other ways of contact for people that would like to contact you?

Yauhpp at [email protected]

What do you spend your money on the most?

It was food , but i got EBT now so i just cash out on gas when ever my unicorn dosent feel like flying .

Anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

I wanna give a shout out too all mah loved ones , all mah atown homies who i came up with , mah skateboard, My flying horse that ran away from me in 6th grade , i still luv you come back home when you ready , Jah , all the angels who watch over me , Jesus , Moses , the whole goth money , all da hood bitches , Richmond , Uptown Dc , the old goth money mansion round georiga ave , MILF , (Ashland , kingwilliam da durt road) VA ,West LA , hauser boyz in this bitch adams blvd , shoud dior yng 17 n matty dem boiz , mah lil bro kane grocerys flexicans , booste mobile even tho they wont sponsor me , verizon , myspace , and all the Mid blunts that i smoked that had me feelin sus . also EBt helluh shouts out too them for letting me eat healthy and positive and you too . yes you man .

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