Noah is a young upcoming rapper in Seattle, Washington that’s recently gained traction after dropping Prettyboyy Moneybag and Blaccout. He really stands out from the rest of the scene with his catchy melodies on tracks like “ok !!” and “let it go [ ii know pt 2]“. Another way Noah sets himself above everyone else is the way he can effortlessly freestyle. At a Ski Mask the Slump God show in August I had the privilege of meeting him outside and see him spit for DJ Scheme and Danny Towers, and Noah just did his thing, it seemed like he would never stop it was just bar after bar completely off the top. Soon enough a crowd was attracted for him and this is where I realized how much potential he has as an artist, Check out Noah in the link below, you won’t be disappointed.

Listen to “Prettyboyy Moneybag” by Noah now.

Written By Andrew Hart

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