The enigmatic DJ 7Right is a 20-year-old DJ and producer from New Jersey who’s already building his own sound. Describing his tracks as “purpled”, he mostly puts out chopped and screwed remixes, heavily inspired by the South and Southern-influenced artists like A$AP Rocky, Spaceghostpurrp, and his biggest inspiration DJ Screw. Sampling artists anywhere from the late Lil Peep to Curren$y to Gucci Mane, his wide palate definitely contributed to his skill in music, allowing him to create an intoxicating vibe that can switch up at any moment with his songs. It’s not too often that we cover DJs here at DatPizz, but DJ 7Right definitely holds his own up against our favorite artists, and we’re happy to carry his discography. Make sure you check it out.

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Missing/Incomplete Tapes

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Official Releases
[2015] 7Right – Purple Jam! [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2015] 7Right – Slightly Purple [Chopped by 7Right] (128)
[2015] 7Right – Are You Purple? [Slopped By 7Right] (128)
[2015] 7Right – Purple Mane [Slowed by 7Right] (128)
[2015] 7Right – The Purple Tyga [Slugged by 7Right] (128)
[2015] 7Right – Purple Sin [Dragged by 7Right] (128)
[2015] 7Right – A Purple Place Like This [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2015] 7Right – Chicago Underground Vol. 1 (128)
[2015] 7Right – Purple Dope Lord [Purpled By 7Right] (128)
[2015] 7Right – Purple Soprano [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2015] 7Right – Purple Mix [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2015] 7Right – Purple Mix 1.5 [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2017] 7Right – PurpleHash (128)
[2017] 7Right – Random (128)
[2017] 7Right – Sampler Lucki [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2017] 7Right – The Acrylo Tape [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2017] 7Right – Sampler Lil Peep [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2017] 7Right – The Purple Kid Trunks [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2017] 7Right – Chicago Underground Vol. 2 (128)
[2018] 7Right – Astari 2017 [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2018] 7Right – SS1 [Purpled by 7Right] (128)
[2018] 7Right – Chicago Underground Vol. 2.5 (128)


Bootlegs / Singles

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