Zae K is a 21 year old rapper/producer from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Zae brings listeners a depressed trap sound that is a bit hard to categorize, and Zae loves it like that. He says that the challenge of putting his sounds in a box relate to how he is as a person, never one to follow trends. He doesn’t listen to many new artists so that he can keep his sound as original as possible, but his biggest influences are Post Malone, Key! and Wintertime. He also is a big supporter of nolanberollin since the two grew up together and are essentially brothers. Zae is known to have an incredible stage presence, so seeing him in a live setting is absolutely recommended. Also, keep an eye out for an exclusive single we have coming soon with Zae, part of our Fall Singles Series.

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Sample Track
Zae K – JETER (Prod. R8)

Missing/Incomplete Tapes

Bold = “Essential”

Official Releases
[2017] Zae K – K TAPE (128)
[2018] Zae K – 1000 (128)

[2017] Zae K & DPOW – REN & STIMPY (128)

Bootlegs / Singles
[2015] Zae K – SoundCloud Files Vol. 1 (128) {Bootleg}
[2016] Zae K – SoundCloud Files Vol. 2 (128) {Bootleg}
[2017] Zae K – SoundCloud Files Vol. 3 (128) {Bootleg}
[2018] Zae K – SoundCloud Files Vol. 4 (128) {Bootleg}

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