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DJ Smokey is a producer and one of the few Canadians on the site, repping his town of Hamilton, Ontario. Smokey tends to keep an aire of mystery about himself, but we DO know that he can make some crazy beats. Smokey started experimenting with beats in High School, but what ultimately inspired him to put his beats online was seeing Metro Zu reach some success. Naturally, Smokey was very excited to later work with Zu’s members to make some hard bangers. Smokey is a big rep for positivity, even to the point of starting the #positivitygang. Smokey’s music has the drugged out sound that is perfect for anyone looking to sit back and chill.

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Sample Track
DJ Smokey – Protect Positive Squad

Missing/Incomplete Tapes

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Official Releases
[2012] DJ Smokey – Purple Diamondz (128)
[2012] DJ Smokey – Da Smoke Tape (320)
[2013] DJ Smokey – Evil Wayz Vol. 1 (128)
[2013] DJ Smokey – Codeine Demonz Vol. 1 (320)
[2013] DJ Smokey – Kush Alienz (v0)
[2013] DJ Smokey – Trap House of Horrors Chapter 1 (128)
[2013] DJ Smokey – Evil Wayz Vol. 2 (320)
[2013] DJ Smokey – Trap House of Horrors Chapter 2 (128)
[2013] DJ Smokey – Mystic Wayz (320)
[2013] DJ Smokey – Trap House of Horrors Chapter 3 (128)
[2014] DJ Smokey – Smoked Out Dance Party (320)
[2015] DJ Smokey – Choppin Out Da Forest (v0)
[2015] DJ Smokey – Evil Wayz Vol. 3 (320)
[2016] DJ Smokey – Codeine Demonz Vol. 2 (320)
[2017] DJ Smokey – Positive Squad The Soundtrack Vol. 1 (v0)
[2017] DJ Smokey – Positive Squad Adventures (128)

[2012] DJ Smokey & DJ Kraft Dinna – Smoke Gang Greatest Hitz- 1992-2012 (128)
[2016] KirbLaGoop & DJ Smokey – Kirb Vs. Kirby (v0)
[2016] Chxpo & DJ Smokey – Molly Martians (128)

Bootlegs / Singles

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