BBY GOYARD – Chasing Amy (DatPizz Exclusive)

Today DatPizz is proud to begin our Fall Single Series. We’re going to drop a single every week featuring some of the greatest talent of the underground right now, along with continuing to bring you the greatest of discographies to keep you up to date on your favorite artists. Each song will be exclusive to the site  and will feature some amazing artwork from the one and only NIPZ. To kick off our program we have the wonderful song “Chasing Amy”.  Opening on a wonderful synth intro to set the mood, JCAM and JJB3ATZ offer up a beat that maintains its trap roots while still keeping a happy, upbeat vibe. Not many artists would know what to do with a beat like this, but BBY GOYARD quickly demonstrates that he’s the perfect man for the job. Using a bit of a stream-of-consciousness lyric style, GOYARD addresses the troubles of dating and the seeming flip-flop of odds for many eligible bachelors. All-in-all, this track is the perfect one to launch our series, so we hope you give it a listen or two and stick with us while we help provide you with the sounds of SoundCloud.

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  • 5Kabitch

    September 15, 2017

    this site used to be dope but now all u post is bullshit, plz stop posting artists for money. u gotten lazy, give the site to someone who gives a shit.


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