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Existentialism Vol. 1

Last month, we at DatPizz decided that the December tape should be something special. So, naturally, we contacted a bunch of our friends, acquaintances, and favorites and asked them for exclusive tracks. This is what came of that, and we’re pretty happy with it. On the 26th of December we dropped the first single off Existentialism Vol. 1, tombstonelord’s “Boyband.” Tracks were coming in up until literally this morning, so sit back, listen, and enjoy all 15 of these Datpizz exclusives.

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November: Juggin Wit The Turkey

This month’s curated tape, our fifth endeavor in this series, includes 22 of our favorite tracks posted on SoundCloud in the month of November. Some of these tracks are from our regular favorites, some are from new favorites, some are from our friends, and there’s even one by two DatPizz members. Whoever it’s by, rest assured its one of the best tracks this month.

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