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Pepperboy Discography

Pepperboy, born Jerry Davie, is a former gang banger and street veteran from Little Rock, AK. After serving 30 months of a 10 year sentence for possession with intent and a gun charge, Pepperboy got released from SuperMax in 2002 with the goal of turning his life around, and released his debut album, Str8 Off Tha Block that same year. While rapping with his own unique sound and life experiences, Pepp lives and bleeds cloud rap. He steadily releases new music and frequently collaborates with other big names in cloud rap, such as Keyboard Kid, Squadda B, and Western Tink.

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Slug Christ / Chaz Bell Discography

Slug Christ, Chaz Bell, has gone by a range of different monikers over the years, to go with his various artistic endeavors in various genres of music. These include An Isle Ate Her, a grindcore band in which he was lead vocalist; and a lo-fi solo project, H | p s, (self-described as “beachgaze”). Slugger is a member of Awful Records, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. His voice, his flow, everything about him, is really unique in the best way. He’s weird rap, Abomination Jesus Slug Demon half breed, Messiah to a gen of dope fiends. His words and voice will stay with you in the back of your mind and creep up on you when you least expect.

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