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Fat Nick Discography

Fat Nick is a rapper and member of Buffet Boys from Miami, FL. Growing up he listened to not only artists like Future & Chief Keef, but also those like Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New. He dropped out soon after his friend, Pouya, with whom he hosted the series “Nick and Pouya Show” starting in ~7th grade. Through the show, the two met and became affiliated with Raider Klan. Fat Nick and Pouya will be dropping a collaborative album soon titled “Drop Out of School

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oilcolor Discography

oilcolor is an Austrian producer and member of the groups _blnk and GALLERY, named Marcel. He’s also worked under the psuedonym moplush. oilcolor makes sad beats with acoustic guitar and has collaborated with nothing,nowhere. on the album “who are you?”. Other names he’s collab’d with on tracks include harvest, the outset, and Mr. Mist.

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kryptik Discography

kryptik, known also as cabe, is a producer, vocalist, and member of _blnk from Nashville, TN. His vocals are somewhat similar to FRVR‘s, and his vocal tracks have been produced by himself, harvest, and those like drip-133, falls, and nadiak. He’s collab’d otherwise with voka, tothegood, color hue, and oilcolor.

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