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color hue / lil glacier Discography

color hue, also known under the alias lil glacier, is a producer, rapper, and member of _blnk from Seattle, WA. He has collaborated as color hue with artists like OmenXIII, ego mackey, killedmyself, and harvest; and as lil glacier with grxxxves, caspr, and beauboy rose. His latest release as of January 14th, 2017 was released at the end of last year and is a beat tape aptly named “tinted red.”

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barren Discography

barren is an emo vocalist from Massachusetts. Two of the tapes he’s released have been produced by ʎpoqou, the latest being their “Stuck” EP which released on 01/13/17, and the other being “save your tears” from July 2016. his beats are mostly produced by hip-hop/trap producers, but all pretty much stay true to the way alternative emo songs sound aside from the added 808s and synth.

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Lil Soda Boi Discography

Lil Soda Boi, also known as Star Boy and as Eric Butter, is a vocalist and producer from Seattle, Washington.  He released a collaborative album with ihatemyself and Anvil in June of 2016 called “Find Your Light.” His 2016 single, “Helacoptors,” was produced by Marvin Cruz.

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Miklo Discograhy

Miklo is a bilingual rapper/producer and member of weirdclvn. He tends to rap about regular life shit, his mom, family, relationships, (etc.), over beats produced by himself, or Ghostie, or The Soul Chemist. His social accounts seem to have been deleted since we collected his music.

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