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Ghostie Discography

Ghostie is a rapper, producer, and member of weirdclvn from Baltimore, Maryland. In May, Ghostie released a collaborative EP with Miklo, called “Return Of the Storm.” Ghostie tracks, though usually self-produced, have featured production from Landfill and WTCHCRFT, and co-production from Gin$eng and Hydro. His songs have also featured $hy, Wolf, and Devin Will.

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CXRPSE Discography

CXRPSE is a producer, rapper and member of weirdclvn. When collaborating with Ego Mackey, they sometimes take the collective monkier “Ego Cxrpse.” When his tracks aren’t self produced, they’ve featured production by artists such as Blvc Svnd, Bummy Boy, Eric North, and Landfill. 

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Jxsh Discography

Jxsh is a singer and member of weirdclvn from Cleaveland, Ohio. He’s released two projects this year, including a collaborative “audio story” titled “Heartbreaker,” which was produced entirely by Gosuto. His discography is relatively short, with beautiful production choices and a style and voice comparable to some of Dylan Brady‘s calmer tracks, making it an easy listen.

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Blunt Prophet Discography

Blunt Prophet, whose first name is Ben, is a political rapper and producer from New Jersey.  He is one half of Uncanny Valley with Odd Thomas. Prior to rapping under the monkier “Blunt Prophet,” Ben was a member of stoner-punk band, TROLLLLORT, along with producer and frequent collaborator DJ BabyHands. We did an impromptu interview with Blunt Prophet, which you can read here.

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