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weirdclvn Discography

weirdclvn is a group of talented producers, singers, rappers, and visual artists; who are from Maryland, Texas, Ohio, Connecticut, Vancouver, New Zealand, and possibly the depths of Hell. They frequently collab, both with each other and with artists that aren’t members of the group. These include Landfill (Syringe’s producer), SpaceGhostPurrp, Blvc Svnd, Black Smurf, Kevin Abstract, and NOK FTF. Most members have a dark sound, save for Miklo, and maybe Babe’s second SoundCloud, which both have less-cloud-rap and more-boom-bap vibes. Several members are also members of Anti-World and dreamside.

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100 Gecs Discography

100 Gecs is a musical duo from St. Louis, Missouri, comprised of HELLA members, Dylan Brady and Osno1. The two released their self-titled debut in July 2016. If you like Brady’s pitched up work on his project CAKE POP, but not how fast and heavy the beats are, definitely check this out.

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Five Finger Posse Discography

Five Finger Posse is a Philedelphia collective started in 2015 consisting of Yung Mojo, Morgue!, Alvin Abyss, Sub9K, and the group’s creator, 5G. Each members individual talents and those of Working On Dying come together on their tapes to create hellish and crushing soundscapes that match the tone of each rappers’ verses and vocal delivery.

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