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DatPizz Patreon

We launched a Patreon campaign for people who want to support the site financially, we will continue to stay ad free (forever or until the site comes to an end).

Patreon is a website used by many creators (websites, artists, etc.) that allows you to pledge money that will go to us monthly, you can cancel your donation at anytime in-case you decide you no longer want to support us or it’s not economically viable for you. All money made from the Patreon will go improving the site and creating merch (hats, shirts, cassettes, more exclusive mixtapes)


DatPizz Discord

We just launched our official Discord server if you don’t know what Discord is, it’s essentially a voice and text chat service. Feel free to join and talk to us/others about music/DatPizz/whatever you want, just don’t be a shithead.

Also if you’re nice you’ll get acces to dat-bot which is a bot that notifies you when an artist uploads a new track to SoundCloud

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$ki Mask The Slump God Discography

Ski Mask the Slump God, known otherwise simply as The Slump God, is a rapper and forming member of Members Only/Very Rare. He’s featured on both “Members Only, Vol. 1” and “Members Only, Vol. 2” with other Broward County, FL area artists such as XXXTENTACION, fukkit, Flyboy Tarantino, and ENZO!. He dropped his first solo album, “Drown in Designer” in May, 2016 with features from names such as Lil Pump, Denzel Curry, and Craig Xen.

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Pouya Discography

Kevin Pouya, usually known simply as Pouya, is a rapper and member of Buffet Boys from Miami, FL. He dropped out in 10th grade and started his rap career about a year later, at the age of 17, along with his friend Fat Nick who he met in 7th grade. Pouya gained fame after becoming affiliated with members of Florida based groups, Raider Klvn and Metro Zu, through both YouTube and Twitter, notably RubenSlikk, Mike Dece, and Robb Bank$.

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