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November: Juggin Wit The Turkey

This month’s curated tape, our fifth endeavor in this series, includes 22 of our favorite tracks posted on SoundCloud in the month of November. Some of these tracks are from our regular favorites, some are from new favorites, some are from our friends, and there’s even one by two DatPizz members. Whoever it’s by, rest assured its one of the best tracks this month.

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weirdclvn Discography

weirdclvn is a group of talented producers, singers, rappers, and visual artists; who are from Maryland, Texas, Ohio, Connecticut, Vancouver, New Zealand, and possibly the depths of Hell. They frequently collab, both with each other and with artists that aren’t members of the group. These include Landfill (Syringe’s producer), SpaceGhostPurrp, Blvc Svnd, Black Smurf, Kevin Abstract, and NOK FTF. Most members have a dark sound, save for Miklo, and maybe Babe’s second SoundCloud, which both have less-cloud-rap and more-boom-bap vibes. Several members are also members of Anti-World and dreamside.

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Miklo Discograhy

Miklo is a bilingual rapper/producer and member of weirdclvn. He tends to rap about regular life shit, his mom, family, relationships, (etc.), over beats produced by himself, or Ghostie, or The Soul Chemist. His social accounts seem to have been deleted since we collected his music.

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Ghostie Discography

Ghostie is a rapper, producer, and member of weirdclvn from Baltimore, Maryland. In May, Ghostie released a collaborative EP with Miklo, called “Return Of the Storm.” Ghostie tracks, though usually self-produced, have featured production from Landfill and WTCHCRFT, and co-production from Gin$eng and Hydro. His songs have also featured $hy, Wolf, and Devin Will.

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CXRPSE Discography

CXRPSE is a producer, rapper and member of weirdclvn. When collaborating with Ego Mackey, they sometimes take the collective monkier “Ego Cxrpse.” When his tracks aren’t self produced, they’ve featured production by artists such as Blvc Svnd, Bummy Boy, Eric North, and Landfill. 

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