Author: Zac Hilgeman

SSX6 – P.C.P

SSX6’s newest project is his best work yet. Get on this before it blows up. P.C.P is a three track project produced entirely by GRIMMDOZA. The first track, “50GLOCKZZZ,” is a laidback track with a chill instrumental. Even with this chill rapping style, SSX6 delivers aggressive bars rapping at one point “run up in they house, call it a home run.” The second track, “COLDBLXXDED,” features MAJIN BLXXDY, who fits on this wavy instrumental just as perfect as SSX6 does. “RIDIN REALLYFAST!,” the final track on the project, is centered around a heavy bassline and matches the aggressive flow...

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T-ZWOL – Robotics

T-ZWOL’s new single “Robotics” is a slow jam over a club inspired instrumental. Check this out if you’re looking for a new vibe to listen to. I’ve never heard anything like this and it’s great to hear something new. This fusion of styles is just what you need for a laid back time after a night out. Give it a listen below, you don’t want to sleep on this one. Follow us on Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Apple Music & Spotify for...

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døves – looks b/w beloved

Døves is back after a silent last quarter of 2017. “looks b/w beloved” is two tracks both featuring Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. Both of these songs would work perfectly on their 2015 collab EP “Døves Cry Springs Eternal.” Both of their voices complement each other well on these tracks. “Looks” opens up with Wicca, who’s a perfect fit for this instrumental. Before døves’ verse begins the familiar slowed down vocals, something he uses often, cuts the track in half and adds to the emotional feel of the song. The second track “beloved” is produced by døves and opens with...

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Swamp G – OGRE BOY

Swamp G’s new tape is full of hard hitting 808s and catchy hooks. With 8 songs lasting 23 minutes, Ogre Boy gives exactly what you want to hear from Swamp. “Sneezing Up The Dope” is a banger perfect for parties, with a fast flow paired with a bass driven instrumental produced by CEO BEATZ. The features on this project fit in perfectly. On “Juice”, 2decs jumps in at a great time to keep the track going. Swamp links with Chunga, another member of Condo Boys Entertainment, for the track “R.I.P.” The project closes with “Selena 2”, produced by gotgash,...

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Slug Christ – Judas’ Betrayal and the Three Day Burial of a Salted Slug

Long time member of the underground rap scene, Slug Christ, dropped his new project titled “Judas’ Betrayal and the Three Day Burial of a Salted Slug” on January 28th 2018. Slug shows his many different flows from the upbeat tracks “Separation” and “Watcha Got”, which were released about a month ago,  to the slower melodic tracks on the project like “Feel Saner”, which was released prior to the project dropping as well. “Thinkin’ Bout Prayin” is a standout track with Slug explaining how lost he is and sings that he is looking for an answer to his faith.  On...

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