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blow a kiss to my dick wash my body with the sponge

Young Mane Discography

Young Mane is 19 years old and a founding member of the Citrus Gang. Taking inspiration from greats such as Bladee, Black Kray, Chief Keef and Based God’ Lil B, he is aiming to be at the top. His music drifts across many sounds, from having dark, gritty feels to being bright and ethereal, Mane demonstrates that he is able to do it all.

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Prada Mane Discography

Prada Mane is an emotional cloud rap artist from Brooklyn, New York. Most of his tracks are self-produced, sometimes under the alias “Ade&Nite.” He’s put out four tapes to date, and has a fifth, titled “Red Prada,” coming soon. Prada has sad yet uplifting lyrics, usually delivered by his autotuned voice. His collaborators include Little Pain, Yung Lean, and most recently Dylan Brady & Lil Shark. He doesn’t swear, so it’s safe to listen to him with your mom.

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