Author: Trey Alston

Yung Bizzle has a smooth hit with “Lately”

Yung Bizzle’s smooth new track “Lately” is filled with sexually-charged energy that’ll ease your mind amidst a wave of auto-tuned vocals designed for that sole purpose. The North Carolina-native has been on his grind lately and continues to churn out excellent music. His latest seems to only continue the trend. Watch the video for “Lately”...

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Zaay’s new project ‘BLNCE’ is out of this world

If you want to hear heavy-handed lyricism, Zaay’s exciting new project BLNCE is just what you need to hear. From front to back, BLNCE is stocked with beautiful production and captivating lyrics that really bring you into a somber world of existence. He’s the best thing out of Massachusetts so you’ll want to get a load of this. Listen to BLNCE...

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@Drewisfamous takes over the streets in “Chandeliers”

Well, not the streets, a street. Not taking over, more like riding along it. The power of words, huh? Drew Famous is a Virginia-native that impacts the rap game like no other. His powerful video for “Chandeliers” is made even cooler because it lacks the over-the-top nature of most rap videos, relying on just a bike to make its’ point clear. Props to Drew for the Outkast shirt as well. Watch the video for “Chandeliers” below....

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