Author: Trey Alston

@Drewisfamous takes over the streets in “Chandeliers”

Well, not the streets, a street. Not taking over, more like riding along it. The power of words, huh? Drew Famous is a Virginia-native that impacts the rap game like no other. His powerful video for “Chandeliers” is made even cooler because it lacks the over-the-top nature of most rap videos, relying on just a bike to make its’ point clear. Props to Drew for the Outkast shirt as well. Watch the video for “Chandeliers” below....

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@Parkway703 ‘s visual for “Demons” will wig you the fuck out

Parkway’s a suave, mesmerizing musician with a steely visage, booming voice, and effortless panache. His new video for “Demons” captures his stylings and pushes them deeper and darker than ever before, bringing some eccentricity to the parking garage that he shoots at. Crisp camera work by Shymar Ovita and effects by Henry C make this a video that you won’t want to miss. Watch the video for “Demons” below....

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