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Antwon Discography

Antwon, also known as Antonio Williams, is a hip-hop artist from San Jose, California. Growing up, Antwon spent a lot of time in the punk scene, playing guitar and bass in various bands. He Cites his greatest influence as Kid Rock, which comes to light through his mixing of aggressive rap vocals and the loud noisy production that punk rock is sometimes known for. He Enjoys smoking weed and playing video games- his favorite video game is Skate 3. Antwon is a member of the hip-hop collective Secret Circle, which includes Lil Ugly Mane and Wiki.

(Words by Ronin)

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AMMT Discography

AMMT, born Myles Pittman, is a visual artist and rapper from Pennsylvania. After almost 2 years of not releasing much musically, he released “Jellyfish in a Pink Jacuzzi,” followed by the EP “Carousel,” in late August of 2016. Unlike his previous releases, which had darker tones, Carousel is a much more upbeat release.

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