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Guardin and Taylor Morgan are “Addicted” to making hits [Music Video]

Guardin is another young talent coming from NYC. He has put out countless EP’s over the past three years starting out as an electronic music producer and releasing an EP called “Lost In A Fantasy” which consists of music you might hear in a Nintendo game. Guardin is also a part of “ACID CASTLE” which is a collective of 15 other people.  Nowadays he has seemingly locked in his style and performs the infamous rapping/singing combination on guitar-heavy beats but tweaks it to his own tastes. His raspy voice sits on lo-fi beats that would definitely be enjoyable on their own...

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The latest vul++ track “Faceless” will make you feel detached from reality

Two months ago Vulture released his album “Unleash Me” which had countless grotesque, bass-heavy tracks and equally gloomy features from weirdclvn’s Eric North and more. Not too long after vul came out with an ambient yet powerful stand-alone track “Faceless” which garnered our attention. The beat is produced by Solsa with whom vul has collaborated rather frequently and this producer/artist combo usually leads to the feeling of dissociation from reality. We think you’ll enjoy it as much as we do....

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