Author: Matt | MFOT

Kevin Kazi – Again

Kevin Kazi came through with yet another quality release on the 8th. The 16 year old Atlanta artist’s new banger “Again” combines his own darkly melodic, meaningful (and self-penned) lyrics about his mixed feelings on an untrustworthy lover with Alecto’s wild, bass-driven trap production to further blur the line between rap and R&B. The mixing and mastering by KENJIBOII and Kevin himself paradoxically creates a dually processed and raw feeling to Kevin’s emotional vocals, while Gnairda’s interestingly stylized cover art clues the prospective listener in to the anything-but-ordinary music they’re about to hear. The song comes a month after...

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Zae K & DPow – If You Gone Rob Me Shoot Me [MUSIC VIDEO]

Upcoming Virginia Beach rapper Zae K got another one with his new song “If You Gone Rob Me Shoot Me“, accompanied by fellow rapper DPow. The accompanying codeine-tinged visuals perfectly fit the rappers’ verses and the unsettling, bass-heavy beat courtesy of producer R8. Zae’s grim, self-critical lyrical content will definitely leave you thinking about the song long after it finishes playing so give the video a watch below: Follow us on Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Apple Music & Spotify for...

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Yug Mug – Angel Wings EP

The promising Yug Mug dropped a 4-song EP last night and it’s safe to say it’s heat. Mostly self-produced (bar Ballmanee’s DAW work on track 4), Mug dives into a variety of topics with heavily processed vocals and an upbeat emo trap sound, reminiscent of artists like 6 Dogs and Lil Peep. He isn’t any sort of uninspired ripoff though – with no features to help him out, Mug holds his own and captures the listener’s interest well for the project’s 9 minute duration. The Angel Wings EP is a great segue into the rest of Mug’s music and...

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