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BIGBABYGUCCI – Big Gucci’s Universe

We’ve been tracking BIGBABYGUCCI‘s come up for a while now here at DatPizz, and his new show of skill “Big Gucci’s Universe” is proof that we haven’t wasted our time. The singles “☆=(ゝω・)100” and “Crime” round out the 8 new tracks to create an interesting, cohesive project. The music itself is mostly BBG’s standard fare, with plug beats accompanying processed rapped and sung vocals. Tracks like RICK AND MORTY and BATMAN VS SUPERMAN offer melodic, drugged out sounds while JOHNNY TEST shows the artist’s considerable rapping skill. With only fellow artist Yeat featuring once late in the project, BBG...

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Kevin Kazi – Again

Kevin Kazi came through with yet another quality release on the 8th. The 16 year old Atlanta artist’s new banger “Again” combines his own darkly melodic, meaningful (and self-penned) lyrics about his mixed feelings on an untrustworthy lover with Alecto’s wild, bass-driven trap production to further blur the line between rap and R&B. The mixing and mastering by KENJIBOII and Kevin himself paradoxically creates a dually processed and raw feeling to Kevin’s emotional vocals, while Gnairda’s interestingly stylized cover art clues the prospective listener in to the anything-but-ordinary music they’re about to hear. The song comes a month after...

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Zae K & DPow – If You Gone Rob Me Shoot Me [MUSIC VIDEO]

Upcoming Virginia Beach rapper Zae K got another one with his new song “If You Gone Rob Me Shoot Me“, accompanied by fellow rapper DPow. The accompanying codeine-tinged visuals perfectly fit the rappers’ verses and the unsettling, bass-heavy beat courtesy of producer R8. Zae’s grim, self-critical lyrical content will definitely leave you thinking about the song long after it finishes playing so give the video a watch below: Follow us on Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Apple Music & Spotify for...

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Yug Mug – Angel Wings EP

The promising Yug Mug dropped a 4-song EP last night and it’s safe to say it’s heat. Mostly self-produced (bar Ballmanee’s DAW work on track 4), Mug dives into a variety of topics with heavily processed vocals and an upbeat emo trap sound, reminiscent of artists like 6 Dogs and Lil Peep. He isn’t any sort of uninspired ripoff though – with no features to help him out, Mug holds his own and captures the listener’s interest well for the project’s 9 minute duration. The Angel Wings EP is a great segue into the rest of Mug’s music and...

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