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Venture out of your comfort zone with Japan artist TYOGhOST’s new release “INMYHEAD____”

Coming to DatPizz all the way from Japan, artist TYOGhOST presents new single “INMYHEAD____” produced by alter-ego yurei. Juggling between aggression and an extremely melodic vocal approach along with a switch of language throughout the song, you can’t help but feel drawn to the artists unique sound. With an aesthetically raw sounding mix and the cloudy, emotional production that resides within this release, it is obvious that TYO knows how to grasp the attention of the listener. You can find the FADED hosted track below, listen and let us know your opinions! Follow us on Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Apple...

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Stay icy with the perfectly crafted “Blue Blood” EP by Zianthin and CHXPO

Dayton, Ohio’s Zianthin once again returns to the eyes of the DatPizz readers this time joined by underground icon CHXPO for brand new collaborative EP “Blue Blood.” Filled with catchy hooks, powerful verses and a raw underground feel, the tape perfectly presents us with the very individual styles of both artists while both are also so very different. Featuring art by iloveyouoxxy!, verses by Young Mane and FRESH GAWD and production from gold certified producer and friend of DatPizz trapphones, BlackMayo and ca$hmere the project is beautifully put together and overall an amazing listen to whether you’re in the car, at...

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A Pizz With: Travisjpeg

Cover art is an essential part of the music industry right now. Eye catching and something to talk about, cover art is the first thing you see when a new song drops or when your favourite artist announces a new project and with so many amazing graphic artists around like our very own NIPZ and previous guest on our “A Pizz With…” series Bailey, really securing their styles, it may be hard for some artists to find something they can call their own. Although this may be the case, one thing is for sure, today’s guest has really found...

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Hoping to make Ontario proud, Nu Faith producer DBLCRSS and rapper Jay Portal release immaculate new project ‘Hell Is Where The Heart Is’

Coming out of Hamilton, Ontario, DatPizz is proud to present Nu Faith artists DBLCRSS and Jay Portal for their debut collaborative EP ‘Hell Is Where The Heart Is‘. Fuelled with perfect production, beautifully delivered vocals, art by Cameron Moore and photos by Cuffgod the pair have certainly checked every box needed to insure the release turned out immaculate. Ontario isn’t typically known for it’s music scene but with this project the pair plan to change that. Throughout the entire release our ears are blessed with amazing production, due to the skill of DBLCRSS, and the extreme energy and angry...

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Let your tears flow with this new track from lil anguish featuring jashiin (prod. y axis)

lil anguish (previously known as ‘try, again.‘) is a British musician and active member of HellRaisersClique (HRC). Fans of artists like smrtdeath and lil aaron will adore anguish due to his similar mix of autotune and pop punk inspired vocals within his music. Perfectly summarising his style, the 20 year old released 11 songs in the form of his debut album ‘hellsent‘ which is currently at an average of 202 plays and despite being a fairly new face to the scene, the Brit definitely has a talent for music and this is shown not only in hellsent but also...

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