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GHOSTEMANE Discography

GHOSTEMANE is a South FL/ Los Angeles, CA rapper & producer who has been active since 2012. For a few years he was working as “ILL BiZ,” an alias which he released at least 3 tapes under. Ghoste rose to popularity while he was a member of (now defunct) SchemaPosse, a group which has included JGRXXN, Lil Peep, and several others. Often times Ghoste will use varies different voices on one track, ranging anywhere from raspy to nasally, and often swapping rapidly between the two.

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Pouya Discography

Kevin Pouya, usually known simply as Pouya, is a rapper and member of Buffet Boys from Miami, FL. He dropped out in 10th grade and started his rap career about a year later, at the age of 17, along with his friend Fat Nick who he met in 7th grade. Pouya gained fame after becoming affiliated with members of Florida based groups, Raider Klvn and Metro Zu, through both YouTube and Twitter, notably RubenSlikk, Mike Dece, and Robb Bank$.

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Fat Nick Discography

Fat Nick is a rapper and member of Buffet Boys from Miami, FL. Growing up he listened to not only artists like Future & Chief Keef, but also those like Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New. He dropped out soon after his friend, Pouya, with whom he hosted the series “Nick and Pouya Show” starting in ~7th grade. Through the show, the two met and became affiliated with Raider Klan. Fat Nick and Pouya will be dropping a collaborative album soon titled “Drop Out of School

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Jxsh Discography

Jxsh is a singer and member of weirdclvn from Cleaveland, Ohio. He’s released two projects this year, including a collaborative “audio story” titled “Heartbreaker,” which was produced entirely by Gosuto. His discography is relatively short, with beautiful production choices and a style and voice comparable to some of Dylan Brady‘s calmer tracks, making it an easy listen.

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