Free Pizza Discography

Free Pizza is a rock n’ roll babypunk band originally from Boston, MA (hence why they have a song and album which are both named after the city), currently located in Nashville, TN. It is comprised of members Jesus Vio, their bassist/vocalist; Santiago Cardenas, their guitarist; and Rory MacMurdo, their drummer. Free Pizza is currently on tour following their most recent release on BUFU Records, “Berlin, DE” which is the first record they’ve recorded and released with their third drummer, Rory. Free Pizza attributes their earliest sound to the period of time wherein Boston’s basement show scene was thriving and had a relatively small amount of police intervention.

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Spark Master Tape Discography

Spark Master Tape is a rather anonymous rapper “from the Deep Blue Sea” that is to say, no one has any idea what his background is. Most of his tracks are produced by a member of “Paper Platoon Deep Ocean Chapter,” (which is, from what we can tell, a collective of all different types of artists) who is also named Paper Platoon. He’s released 3 mixtapes to date, reemerging in January of this year after a two-year hiatus during which all of his social media was abandoned to hint at his newest tape, Shillouete of a Sunkken City. He masks his voice by pitching it down, like another one of our favorites, Lil Ugly Mane.

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Cashy Discography

Cashy Kesh, often referred to as simply “Cashy,” is a rapper from Miami, FL. The 27 year old, Curtis Hughes, (born June 29, 1989) is the founder of VintageMOB, a vintage lifestyle brand. With two collaborative EPs with New York-based producer, Purpdogg, already under his belt, Cashy just finished touring Europe for his most recent release, “Supply & Demand” at the end of September.

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Villa Discography

Villa is a rapper from Atlanta, GA. Self-described as “dream rap” (and there’s really no better way to put it), his melodic lines combined commonly with Richie Souf’s beautiful, flowy beats take the listener to a dream-like place. His newest release, Fluorescent, follows up Vertical wonderfully, and, as always, is accompanied by extremely aesthetically pleasing visuals.

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Dylan Brady Discography

Dylan Brady aka Lil Bando is a singer/rapper and producer from St. Louis, Missouri. He’s joined by osno1 in both their duo, 100 Gecs, and the music collective, HELLA, out of StL, which they’re both members of. He’s known for his beautifully auto-tuned vocals and his abstract production style. His debut album, “All I Ever Wanted” can only be described as his own, and is an honest release where the listener hears how Brady “actually feels about things he was actually going through.” His follow-up release, “Choker,” was titled after the choker which he can be seen wearing in music videos and Instagram posts alike. He also creates music which is more “rave-y” under the alias CAKE POP.

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Killstation Discography

Killstation is a producer and vocalist, he creates deep melancholic soundscapes that merge droning guitar riffs and a digital tinge. Together they form a unique sound signature that provides a solid base for his lyrics and a non-negligent roster of features and collaborations. OmenXIII and Craig Xen are some of his most common to share a track with, he has also produced for XXXTENTACION on the song “Snow”.
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Crimewave Discography

Crimewave is a rapper & producer as well as Guitarist in the band Extortionist, and ex-member of Boiler Boys Entertainment, and PRISON_RELIGION. With a history in beatdown and deathcore, Crimewave’s tracks are brutal and aggressive, backed by equally demented production. If you’re not a fan of that, he also has a few softer tracks and solo beats that you may enjoy, namely “AUW2D II” and “It’s Too Bright”. His collaborations are too numerous to list here but, check out his producers and associates if you want more.

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eetp Discography

eetp is a rapper and member of Kawaii Krew from Northborough, Massachusetts. Joining him in Kawaii Krew are his friends MC_ESCHERR (formerly MC Escher), who he met in Hebrew school and collaborated with in the duo Czar Mitzvah, and Izzy Comma Stahp. Currently finishing his return to the meme-rap genre and branching temporarily from his more emo work which can be heard on Kodokushi, eetp is set to release Ultimate Jew on his birthday, October 27th, with a live Twitch stream ft. an MC_ESCHERR vj set “and other surprises.” He has a job now and is no longer a NEET.

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